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Joining forces with our sister company, Platinum Professional Training, we have created a once-in-a-lifetime program where you will gain the skills and insights to open your own bookkeeping firm. With the help of our team, you will become part of a licensing network of individuals aiming to take their careers to new levels. This course follows a similar structure to licensing a business, but without all of the legal compliance requirements. Run a bookkeeping business under your trading name of choice, but with the added support of Platinum Accounting Australia’s extensive experience. This training course involves all the support you need to run your own firm. Plus, under the guidance of Platinum Accounting Australia, you will receive ongoing, lifelong assistance to foster the growth of your firm. If you’ve always dreamt of being a business owner but need assistance developing a desirable skillset, this training course is for you. During the program, you will learn how to construct a highly profitable business with outstanding results. Our bookkeeping coaching will not only refine your skills in bookkeeping systems and finances. Our licensing network also allows you to develop a profound knowledge of business management, including how to set up your operations, marketing and human resources. With limited spaces available, make sure you get in quick to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity.

The best time to start Your own business is NOW!

‘Bookkeepers are in huge demand at the moment… there is no better timing for people that have an interest in bookkeeping to set up a bookkeeping business!’

Business Daily (Jan 15, 2021)

Hurry! Apply for one of the limited number of bookkeeping Business Start-up Packages now.
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For us to achieve success together, most likely you are:

  • From accounting background;
  • Bookkeeping skills and experience preferred, but not essential;
  • Have the passion to set up your own business;
  • Have customer service experience;
  • Have the vision to achieve success together on a much bigger platform;
  • On your way to become an CA or CPA;

Take the chance! Open your own bookkeeping firm TODAY

Having operated in the accounting industry for close to two decades, the team at Platinum Accounting Australia knows what works when it comes to facilitating successful services. Joining our proven system gives you the chance to open and operate a bookkeeping firm with impact and meaning. Starting from defining your product and streamlining your brand message, our Business Start-Up Package is your one-stop-shop to becoming a successful founder. Our package includes: 

We will help you define your accounting service. This includes defining how it will serve a particular industry, including designating the appropriate resources, delegating tasks and understanding the products that will best suit your customer's needs. All these strategies will be developed with your target market in mind, so you are well-equipped with the knowledge to meet their needs.

              Sales & Marketing                All products need to be marketed. We will guide you toward the most effective marketing resources and opportunities so you can grow your accounting business exponentially.

As you manage your business day in and day out, you may encounter problems you don’t have the immediate answer to. Our ongoing support focuses on providing you with the technical support you need when you need it. This can include help with your systems, support refining your services and answers to questions you may have never encountered before. This support is offered on a one-on-one basis to ensure you find the answers to continue delivering exceptional service.

While you are already an expert at understanding the ins and outs of a business's financial function, as your licensor, we will show you how to create business packages to service various markets and increase your clientele. We will also help you manage your income, expenses, and liabilities to ensure you continuously grow your profits and revenue. At the end of each financial year, this allows you to take more money home and skyrocket your personal wealth.


  • Partner With One Of The Most Successful Accounting Firms In Australia.
  • Established In The Industry: We Have Been Operating Since 2008 With Over 1000 Clients With High Satisfied Rate.
  • Long-Term Relationship: We Never Want To Say "Bye" When Your Success Is Achieved. Why Not Continue The Collaboration To Boost The Growth Of The Business To The Top.
  • Strong Support: We Have A Dedicated And Friendly Team To Assist You Through Every Step Of The Process. We Want To Make Sure You Feel Confident In All Aspects Of Your Journey To Success.
  • Learn From A Reputable Firm.

Hurry! Apply for one of the limited number of bookkeeping Business Start-up Packages now.
First in, best dressed business person!

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