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1. Why do I need this training? Can I just do the internship with Platinum Accounting?

Our Accounting training programs offer the necessary technical and practical skills needed to complete tasks if you were to enter the workforce.

For example, accounting firms hiring an assistant accountant would need someone who knows how to complete the BAS from start to finish. This would be taught in theory at university, however, you don’t get to do it yourself to fully understand how to prepare BAS, where to find key information or what is important/what isn’t. Our training equips you with these practical work skills which will then be applied in real life when you complete your internship.

Remember, our internship is FREE and COMPLEMENTARY to your training to help reinforce the skills you learn through our training programs.

2. Do I have to pay for the training? Why?

Yes. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we charge fees for teaching our students technical skills. Students gain value from our services.

3. Do I have to pay for internship?

No. Platinum Accounting Australia provides free and complimentary internships.

4. Where do I do the internship?

You can work in one of the local offices of Platinum Accounting Australia, a national CPA Public Practice. They have offices in 5 major capital cities.

For those students outside those capital cities, you can also do the internship online.

5. Will I be working on the real company data for the internship?

Yes, you will be working on our company internal account data. You will be working through the same set of tasks that our accountants work through on a daily basis.  Please note these files contain past data only that has already been completed by our staff.  You will not be working on billable hours. All our internship programs have been approved by Fair work Australia.

6. Do interns usually get jobs after the internship? If so, what is the success rate?

We would say, mostly yes. The success rate is 85% based on our statistics. So far, we have trained more than 8000 students since 2008.

7. Can you guarantee that I will get a job after doing the internship?

We cannot guarantee you a job. However, PPT will do anything to guarantee sufficient amount training and support are provided to interns throughout the entire process. Interns are expected to work hard on those tasks in order to fully absorb the information. Upon the completion of training and internship, you will be equipped with all the necessary technical skills and experience that you need to achieve job success. This is something that you can’t get anywhere else.

8. Do you provide job opportunities after the internship?

Job opportunities from our own network rise from time to time. We have been running this program since 2008 and established very good reputation for bringing up high quality accountants. We have become increasingly popular among employers across different industries because we have been referring our well-trained interns to work for them. Our referral services are totally free.  Here are the three major sources for job opportunities:

  1. Intern Network - Some of our interns from early years have already been working as Accountants in larger corporates for a long time. They have been hiring our interns for their own teams whenever there are positions available.
  2. Business Clients - Platinum Accounting Australia, the CPA firm, has been providing services to a large number of business clients across Australia. Those clients tend to come to Platinum Accounting for well-trained interns when they need accounts staff.
  3. Other Accounting Firms in Industry - Platinum Accounting has been referring interns to other public practices for many years, especially during the tax and BAS season.

9. Do you provide a reference upon the completion of internship?

Yes. Your supervisor will provide reference to your future employers to vouch for your technical skill and work ethic in accordance with your performance during the internship.

10. How can I trust the quality of your training and internship program?

Interns will be trained by Platinum Professional Training (PPT) which is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). It is closed monitored and regulated by Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), a government body. They are there to guarantee the training program, from the contents to its delivery, meets the highest standard.

The internship will be conducted in Platinum Accounting Australia (PAA), a CPA public practice and registered Tax Agent. It is monitored and regulated by both CPA Australia and Tax Practitioners’ Board (TPB). PAA has to comply with the requirements of both regulators to guarantee the quality of the service.

11. How are training and internship delivered?

The delivery of the program is very flexible. Training is 100% online. You can do it anywhere and anytime, on your loptop and even mobile phone. Your supervisors can also monitor your progress through our online training platform.

The internship can be done online or onsite or bit of both. The hosting company has offices in all major capital cities. You are encouraged to come work with your supervisor in the office if your schedule allows.  Alternatively, you could also conduct the internship outside the office and access to our accountants online during their office hours.

12. How long is this internship program for? Can I fast track it?

This internship program is designed for the period of 6 months (20hrs per week). Fast tracking is allowed and encouraged.  

13. What’s the shortest time frame before I can get a job?

For those interns who fast track the program, they tend to get job earlier and faster. Generally, most of interns will be able to secure a job position between 2-3 months. A few interns even got jobs after 2 weeks since starting the training. This represents the shortest time frame. You can go to our interns’ testimonials on our website or Google Reviews for more details.

14. I work full time in the retail sector on a non-accounting related role at the moment, is it still possible for me to take your training/internship?

Yes, the delivery of the program is highly flexible. You can arrange the internship timetable around your retail job hours. Your consultant can work out the detailed timetable with you during the consultation.

15. How does the online internship work?

If you choose to proceed with the online internship program, all tasks are distributed through our online platform. The progress is monitored closely by your assigned supervisor.

If you have any queries when you perform those tasks, you can easily access your supervisor online during accountants’ office hours via zoom.

The tasks are submitted online as well. Your supervisor would check your work and provide written feedback online. You can only move to the next task when the previous task is completed to the required standard. High level of accountability is guaranteed.  

16. When can I start my job seeking?

The exact date that you can submit your job application will be stated clearly on your career blueprint that you obtain from your consultation.

It is usually at the end of the 2nd month when you completed your training and the 1st internship task. It could be earlier for those fast trackers.

17. Can I ask for funds from Centrelink?

Centerlink does have different rebates provided to students based on their personal circumstances.  You will have to go to Centerlink for assessments. According to our record, some students have received rebates such as Newstart allowance, Ausstudy and Youth Allowance etc.

18. Do you have any instalment plan that I can choose from?

Yes. Different programs have different instalment policies. Your consultant will provide details on this during the consultation.

We also provide interest fee loan through Zipmoney to those students who need help with funding to start the program.  

19. I am currently overseas and am looking to migrate to Australia soon, can I still join the program?

Yes. The entire program can be delivered online. The initial consultation can be conducted via Zoom or Skype.  Once it is confirmed that we can help you with your career, we can proceed with the enrolment. The training and internship will follow afterwards. You could be totally job ready when you arrive in Australia.

We have currently been delivering the programs to migrating accountants from Europe, Asia and America etc.

20. I have 10 years of overseas experience and am a qualified Charted Accountant from India, how can this internship program help me?

Local experience is an essential part of the job requirements in Australia. Most of migrating accountants struggle to get a job here because there is a big gap between their overseas experience and the local accounting skills required. Migrating accountants can be very weak in the areas of taxation; Month End process and local accounting software and system etc. Our internship is designed to fill such gap.

21. I have been working as a bookkeeper for a few years and am looking to jump to a high position, such as Assistant Accountant. How can this internship program help me?

When you are seeking a promotion, you have to make sure that you have already had those skills required by the new role which is Assistant Accountant in this case. Bookkeeping skills is not enough. Our Assistant Accountant program will equip you with those skills and experience so that you can be promotion ready.