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Why do I need this training? Can I just do the accounting internship with Platinum Accounting?

Employers in accounting are searching for candidates with a specific set of skills. This is mostly in relation to practical skills, such as how to complete BAS or how to use accounting software's like Xero, MyOB, etc.

If you studied accounting at an Australian university, you have most likely learnt about this in theory, but haven’t had the opportunity to practice these skills for yourself. Therefore, you wouldn’t have the actual experience employers are looking for, meaning you may not be as hireable as other job candidates.

Our accounting courses are tailored to various accounting jobs, such as an Accounting Assistant role. They will teach you everything that would be required to do in that role. We then put them to the test in our internship segment to ensure you have a full understanding of the demands of your future job.

Therefore, our internships are FREE and is predominately a way to try your new skills for yourself.


Do I have to pay for the training? Why?

Just like attending university or TAFE, our training provides knowledge and skills to students. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we, therefore, charge fees for teaching our students.

Remember, the internship portion of this training is FREE and paid for by Platinum Professional Training.


Where can I complete my accounting internship?

We offer flexible options so you can complete your internship, no matter where you are located. If you are living in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne or Brisbane, you can choose to complete your internships at one of our CPA Public Practice offices. Otherwise, you can complete the internship 100% online.


Will I work on real accounting data during the internship?

Yes, our internships are carried out through our sister company, Platinum Accounting Australia. This is a CPA Public Practice with high volumes of clients and accounting data which you can work through on a daily basis. During these internships, we use real internal accounts that we have authority over. We will also create fictitious work based on some clients’ business scenarios. All customer information will remain confidential to prevent breaches of data, but we will share as much information with you as possible to ensure you get the full accounting experience.

Please note that all internships contain data which has already been processed by the team, so you won’t be working on billable hours.

The Platinum Professional Training internship program has been approved by FairWork Australia.


Will I get an accounting job after the internship?

We have seen students find work after completing the internship at an 87% success rate. This is measured three months after the training has been completed and is cumulative of all our results across over 10,000 students since 2008.


Can Platinum Professional Training guarantee me an accounting job after the internship?

We cannot guarantee that all students will find work after completing the internship. However, we will do everything in our power to help students find quick career success. This includes but isn’t limited to career coaching, sourcing job positions and helping students refine their resumes so they can become stand-out job candidates.

Even long after you have completed the training programs, our friendly team of accountants are happy to assist you, so you can achieve your career goals.


Do you provide accounting job opportunities after the internship?

We have a strong business network between other accountants and bookkeeping firms across the country. Due to our extensive training, many of these connections prefer to choose our students over other job candidates and they know we supply only the highest-quality accountants. When job opportunities become available we will advertise them on our FREE referral service portals. These include: 

  • The intern network - Some of our interns are already running their own firms or working as executives at their companies. We speak with them constantly and send them recommended job candidates. 
  • Business Clients - We have a number of business clients who may want to hire internally. We recommend the appropriate accountants and bookkeeper candidates for them who can help strengthen their business. 

Other accounting firms - We have a Job Postitions portal available on our website where interns can see roles available at other public practices. These portals have the most opportunities at tax and BAS time.


    Do you provide a reference upon the completion of the accounting internship?

    Yes, your supervisor will provide you with a written reference to your future employers. This reference will showcase your technical accounting skills as well as your work ethic and your performance during the training course.


    How can I trust the quality of your training and internship program?

    Platinum Professional Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that is closely monitored by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). As a government body, ASQA stands to guarantee we meet the highest level of training so all students receive the knowledge they need to become job ready.

    The internship is also monitored by CPA Australia and the Tax Practitioners’ Board to ensure it complies with legal requirements.


    How are the accounting training courses and internships delivered?

    Platinum Professional Training offers a flexible mode of study to ensure all interns can receive the most fulfilling experience. The accounting courses can be completed 100% online at any time and place and from any device. Your accounting supervisor can monitor your progress at any time as well, to ensure you are following along with the courses well.

    When you transition to the internship phase of the program, you can choose to stay online. However, you can also visit the Platinum Professional Training team during business hours at one of their offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Adelaide.


    How long is this internship program for? Can I fast-track it?

    Our program is designed for a student who can dedicate 20 hours a week to it. This means it will take a total of six months to complete. We encourage students to fast-track the course as much as possible to quickly prepare them for an accounting career.


    What’s the quickest I will get an accounting job after the program?

    Those interns who choose to fast-track the program tend to find a job quicker than others. As a general figure, we find that interns are able to find work within 2-3 months of starting the training program. Some interns have been fortunate to find a job within 2 weeks of starting the training. This is typically the quickest time frame as the first two weeks of our courses set up most of the fundamental knowledge you need to find your dream accounting job. 

    Don’t just trust our word for it though, you can read several positive reviews on Google.


    I work full-time in a non-accounting job and can’t afford to allocate 20 hours per week to the training. Can I still complete the training?

    Yes, while our courses have been created without a specific schedule in mind, they are all highly flexible. You can work your training and internship in your schedule so you can work, study and still have time to rest.


    How can I complete an accounting internship online?

    Some students may not have access to our offices. If you choose to complete the training online, your progress will be monitored closely by your allocated supervisor.

    Just like completing an internship internally, you can direct any questions to your supervisor via email. They will have the opportunity to speak through any questions with you via Zoom or phone call. But, if your time is limited, they can also respond via email.

    We manage two online offices daily, which are managed by your supervisors throughout office hours. Through these Zoom hours, your supervisor will answer any day-to-day internship questions. Should you have out-of-the-ordinary questions, these can also be directed to our senior team of accountants during business hours.

    All work you complete during the online internship will be checked by your supervisor. They will leave comments where required and you will only be able to move to the next task when your work is completed to the set standard.


    When can I start looking for accounting jobs?

    All students will receive a tailored career blueprint prior to commencing their accounting training. This blueprint will detail the exact date you can begin submitting job applications.

    This is usually at the end of the second month when the first block of training and internship tasks have been completed. But, this can differ depending on how fast or slow students are completing the training.


    Can I pay for the course using funds from Centrelink?

    Centrelink has various rebates available based on a student's situation and circumstances. You will need to go to Centrelink to find out if you are eligible for study allowances as we are not able to provide them to you. 

    Some allowances which have been accepted include Newstart and Youth Allowance. 


    Do you have any instalment plan that I can choose from? 

    Yes, we have various instalment policies which you can choose from based on the program. During your consultation, your consultant will be sure to inform you about all these potential plans so you can make the best financial decision for you. 

     We also provide interest-free loans through ZipMoney for those students who need assistance finding funding.


    I am currently overseas and am looking to migrate to Australia. Can I join your accounting programs now? 

    Yes, as the program is deliverable online, people can join from anywhere. We recommend joining before you move to Australia as this can mean you are job-ready before you arrive. We can conduct our initial consultation as well as any further chats via Skype or Zoom.



    I have international job experience as an accountant and I am a qualified Charted Accountant. How can this internship program help me?

    Local Australian job experience is preferred and in many cases required in Australia. Despite being successful overseas, many accountants may find it difficult to find work after migrating to Australia due to the knowledge gap between their work and what Australian employers need. 

    Our quality accounting training courses will bridge this gap by teaching local skills, accounting software and systems. 


    I have been working as a bookkeeper for a few years and am looking to jump to a high position, such as Assistant Accountant. How can this accounting internship program help me?

    If you want to continue your corporate journey, you can focus on becoming an accountant or an assistant accountant. Our Ultimate Success program will equip you with the well-rounded skills you need to be promotion ready. 

    If you want to break the norm and start something new, you can also consider our Business Start-Up program, which will teach you how to open and run your own accounting firm.