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Join forces with Platinum Accounting Australia as a licensee and embark on a journey of professional growth and continuous learning, building a one-stop accounting practice that evolves with you.

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Who is Platinum Accounting Australia?

Platinum Accounting Australia (PAA) empowers accountants to build rewarding careers as their own bosses. Our mission is to provide the tools, training, and support needed to transform competent accountants into successful business owners. As a PAA licensee, you gain the autonomy to operate under your brand, backed by our extensive resources and industry expertise. Committed to your success, we offer a pathway to independence where you can thrive by leveraging our proven systems and network. Join us today.

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"Our mission is to empower accounts to create fulfilling lives and succeed as their own bosses"


Coco Hou

Founder and MD of
Platinum Accounting Australia


Benefits of Working with Us

Empowerment Through Licensing

Unlike the constraints typically found within franchising, becoming a licensee with Platinum Accounting Australia offers unlimited freedom and flexibility. Relish the liberty to create and cultivate your own brand identity to ensure that your accounting services stand out in the marketplace.

Flexibility Without Commitment

With Platinum Accounting Australia, you engage in a partnership that thrives on mutual benefit, not on restrictive terms. Our agreement is free of any lock-in period, meaning you have the fluidity to adapt as your business evolves. We require only a reasonable notice period for termination.

Retain Your Earnings

Step into the role of a one-stop accounting service provider without the obligation to share your hard-earned revenue. You charge your bookkeeping service fees directly to your clients, while Platinum Accounting supports them with tax services and shares a portion of that revenue with you.

Diverse Service Promotion

Licensees have the freedom to advertise a comprehensive suite of accounting services. When it comes to tax-related offerings, a clear disclaimer ensures transparency that these services are provided by Platinum Accounting Australia, a registered tax agent.

Verified Work Experience

Begin your journey with us and gain access to our internal systems that document your work and provide credible evidence of your experience. This detailed record supports your professional development and is recognised by the Tax Practitioners’ Board, subject to their final assessment.

Collaborative Service Expansion

Whether it’s crafting your online presence or generating new leads, our support extends to website development and professional marketing campaigns. With tailored membership packages, we’re here to increase your reach and client base.

Choose Your Professional Pace

In an uncertain economy, the flexibility to operate full-time or as a side hustle is everything. Platinum Accounting Australia accommodates your entrepreneurial spirit and enables you to dictate the pace of your professional accounting journey.

How it Works

Step 1: Schedule Your Discovery Call

Initiate a personalised conversation with us to explore the synergy between our services and your business goals.


Step 2: Formalise Your Partnership

Seal the deal by signing our comprehensive contract, marking the beginning of our official business collaboration.


Step 3a: Master Marketing Strategies

Receive detailed guidance on constructing your client database.
Launch effective marketing campaigns.
Implement a thoughtful nurture sequence to cultivate client relationships.


Step 3b: Elevate Technical Proficiency

Hone your bookkeeping and tax return skills to perfection.
Develop a robust comprehension of tax-related intricacies.


Step 4: Polish Your Sales Techniques

Craft compelling organic content on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.
Schedule and conduct face-to-face consultations with potential clients.
Apply our proven sales scripts and templates to convert leads into valued clients.


Step 5: Secure Client Engagements

Collaborate closely with Platinum Accounting Australia to seamlessly engage clients.
Participate in one-on-one consultations with Platinum to navigate and convert clients facing complex financial situations.


Enjoy All-Round Support

As a PAA licensee, enjoy an all-inclusive service package that empowers you with marketing, sales, technical, and resource support.

Our Role at Platinum Accounting Australia


Ensuring Excellence in Services.

We uphold the highest standards in accounting and taxation services, and therefore conduct rigorous quality control to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of your work.


Tax Return Lodgement Expertise.

Our team expertly manages the lodgement of tax returns to ensure compliance and maximise benefits for your clients.


Comprehensive Business Support.

We provide well-rounded support, from operational to strategic guidance, to foster the growth and success of your practice.

Your role as the Licensee


Mastering Bookkeeping Responsibilities.

As a licensee, you'll manage and execute bookkeeping tasks to ensure meticulous financial records for your clients.


Tax Return Preparation (Optional).

Should you choose, you'll have the opportunity to prepare tax returns and add valuable services to your portfolio.


Strengthening Client Relations.

The core of your role involves building relationships with clients by meeting their needs with strong communication, professionalism, and care.


Collaborating on Tax Compliance.

Work alongside us to navigate tax compliance and leverage our expertise to benefit your clients.

What Services Can You Offer?


Offer comprehensive bookkeeping services as a PAA licensee, encompassing diligent data entry, management of accounts payable and receivable, and thorough reconciliations. Your role ensures that every financial detail is meticulously tracked and recorded, providing a solid foundation for accurate financial analysis and decision-making.

Remote CFO

As a Remote CFO, provide strategic financial oversight with services including single touch payroll and preparation of financial statements. Elevate your clients’ businesses by offering high-level financial guidance and insights, ensuring they not only comply with regulations but also optimise their financial performance for growth and stability.

Tax Services

Highlight your service in facilitating tax returns, with a clear disclaimer that all tax-related services are provided by Platinum Accounting Australia, ensuring compliance with the latest tax laws and regulations as well as integrity in every transaction. Your clients can receive top-tier tax advice and support to maximise their financial benefits.

We've got your back!

We understand the struggles you may face as the owner of an accounting business. We are here to hold your hand and help you reach a rewarding destination.

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Our Integrated Support Services for Your Accounting Side Hustle

While you may excel in accounting, you might encounter hurdles in marketing, sales, technical skills, finance, and managing internal operating systems. That's why we offer targeted training and support to bridge the gap between your accounting proficiency and the entrepreneurial skills you need.

Comprehensive Marketing Support

Our tailored marketing support empowers you to construct a unique client database, strategically designed for easy conversion to sales. We guide you in launching effective campaigns and implementing a nurture sequence, fostering not just clients, but loyal assets for your firm. This approach ensures a strong market presence and lasting connections, building a foundation for sustained success.

Sales Mastery Guidance

Gain expertise in converting prospects to loyal clients with our structured sales support. We provide in-depth training on lead qualification, offer personalised sales consultations, mentorship for each unique case, and strategies to enhance client engagement, equipping you to achieve consistent sales growth.

In-Depth Technical Training

Set a strong foundation with our extensive technical training program. Covering the spectrum from individual to company tax, including Self-Managed Superfund and Trust Tax, alongside Bookkeeping Quality Control, we ensure you possess the knowledge and skills to excel.

Resource Accessibility

Elevate your service delivery with access to our central CBD Office, professional reception service, sophisticated internal system, and a network of referral resources. With these at your disposal, you can concentrate on delivering top-tier services while we manage the operational details.


Voices of Satisfaction

Read what our happy licensees have to say about their partnership with us.

"I never thought it can be so easy for me to follow the client engagement process, I really love the easy-access work platform, ready-to-use form template, and relevant client engagement training that you shared with me. Really appreciate your help!"


Licensee 1

"Coco, thank you so much for guiding me to every aspect of this business! You are so helpful indeed and I'm so lucky to have you as a mentor"


Licensee 2

"Thank you for taking your time with me and giving me sales support. I was very nervous as this is my first time as a client by myself, but you helped me make it happen behind the scenes! I got my first tax client!


Licensee 3



Be 100% clear about what you’re getting with us.

Licensees are different from franchisees. Licensees have a lot more freedom and flexibility in their marketing and operational activities. Platinum Accounting Australia (PAA) licensees are separate entities. They can develop their own branding for their accounting practice. Franchisees, on the other hand, need to follow the franchisor’s trademark and branding during day-to-day operations. PAA does not offer a franchise model.

If you need support with building your accounting practice’s website, our developer can assist with it. Depending on the degree of complexity, different fees will apply.

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