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Platinum Accounting Training (PPT) was the brainchild of our founder, Coco Hou who developed a unique program to help others who also struggled to find an accounting job.

The company started in 2008 with the ultimate vision of transforming the way accounting graduates prepare for job success. By equipping students with relevant practical skills through working in the accounting environment before they apply for jobs, it empowers them with the confidence to achieve their career goals. Our students’ life and career success is the very reason why PPT exists. Our Alumni work as successful accountants across all different industries.

Today PPT is Australia’s largest and most effective private accounting training institution for accounting graduates and migrants, with a community of over 8,000 happy graduates. They are living proof that education works when it focuses on tangible and proven job success strategies.

Platinum's VISION is to help all accounting graduates and accounting migrants achieve career success in their life.



Where it all began...

Platinum (Accounting Training) was inspired by our founder Coco Hou who found herself jobless after graduating from university with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. The degree meant nothing in the real world. After calling hundreds of accounting firms listed on Yellow Pages to apply for entry level roles, she found herself struggling to get a job.

They all rejected her due to ‘having a lack of local accounting experience’. When she finally got an interview opportunity with a company, she was asked to sit in a MYOB and Excel test before the interview, she failed it. That’s the moment she realized what she learnt from university was far from enough.

She considered herself lucky that she could volunteer in her friend’s start up business as a bookkeeper, doing all the data entry work for the business. Such experience helped her land her first role in accounting field. After that, from Accounts payable to Management Accountant to Financial Controller, Coco accumulated the full scope of experience in commercial accounting sector. Next in her sight was becoming a tax accountant.

Coco had always been passionate about helping business owners improve the performance and profitability. This was the reason behind setting up her own accounting firm “Platinum” with her own public practice and taxation agent license. By 2008, she had expanded the firm to 5 states in Australia.

During the firm’s expansion, she went through thousands of resumes. She realized 95% of the candidates had neither the relevant skills nor the experience required by the firm to perform the roles. This reminded her of herself when she was looking for her first accounting job. She felt a strong sense of responsibility to help those candidates achieve their career success.

'Learn your skills from experience, not from text books.’ This is Coco’s strong philosophy. She developed the first training course for Assistant Accountants and delivered it through her CPA firm. Due to its strong market product fit, it became a huge success.

Candidates quickly secured accounting jobs after taking the training program. Many recruitment agencies often recommend this program to their unsuccessful job applicants. Clients also approach Coco for bookkeeping and accounting candidates when they have positions available in their businesses.

Today, Platinum has helped built a community of quality accounting candidates allowing employers to have direct access to the best talent.

Coco Hou - CEO of Platinum Accounting